When Elly rapidly broke out in a severe skin rash on her neck one day in 2022, her mum thought she could be having an anaphylactic reaction and drove her to hospital.

While it, thankfully, wasn’t life-threatening, the skin condition has caused the 10-year-old significant distress since it cropped up six months ago.

While doctors initially gave Elly a steroid cream, they warned she could only use it for a few days due to her small size.

“Elly couldn’t sleep because the skin behind her ear and around her neck was so sore and, if she scratched it, the irritated area just became increasingly red and itchy and grew larger,” says Elly’s mum, Kim.

“The kids at school were teasing her and didn’t want to play with her, saying they might catch it, and it was limiting what clothing she could wear to keep warm or covered up from the sun.”

While out for dinner, Kim’s friend noticed Kim’s own eczema-affected hands and suggested she try In Awe’s Kakadu plum ointment to soothe her skin.

Kim quickly experienced relief from her own symptoms – which she’s had all her life and has spent a small fortune trying to heal – and because the product features all-natural ingredients, Kim started using it on Elly too.

“I loved the ointment immediately and I’ve been battling eczema all my life, so we started applying it on Elly all the time too and, from the day we began using it, it made such a difference,” says Kim.

“It took all the sting, angriness and heat out of Elly’s skin and alleviated the redness and itchiness, as well as taking away the bumps on the skin.

“It was so amazing that I took photos and sent them to my mum!

“After six days it was under control, so we were able to just use the ointment twice a day and the best bit is that, because it’s natural, Elly can apply it herself, even at school.”

The family, who lives on the border between New South Wales and Victoria, says the In Awe ointment has changed their lives for the better.

“It travels everywhere with us in my handbag now and we take it camping because it helps with mosquito bites too,” says Kim.

“In fact, it’s worked on everything we’ve thrown it at!”

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