At In Awe, our natural products – which are free of parabens and petrochemicals – are classified as ointments by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association.

So, why choose an ointment over a cream and what’s the difference?

The big picture

The key difference between ointments and creams is the amount of water and oil they contain.

Ointments have a higher concentration of oil (and little water), compared to creams.

In creams, which are lighter, water and oil are included in equal – or close to equal – ratios. This fundamental difference means creams are more quickly absorbed into the skin.

Ointments, because they’re thicker, take longer to be absorbed but are known to better penetrate skin compared to creams.

The science

The oily base of ointments is known as an occlusive ingredient when it comes to skincare. This means it creates a barrier on the surface of the skin.

Obviously, with more oil in an ointment, the barrier is thicker.

This also explains why ointments can leave the surface of the skin looking shinier and are more likely to stay on for extended periods.

What are the benefits of an ointment’s thicker protective barrier?

  • It holds moisture in the skin, which helps keep it hydrated and aids healing.
  • While it may feel a little greasy, importantly, this thicker protective barrier still lets the skin breathe.
  • Ointments stay longer on the skin, helping protect it and preventing wounds from drying out.
  • The fact that ointments stay on longer makes them excellent moisturisers and perfect for treating scaly, dry skin conditions as they can help soothe, calm and relieve irritation.
  • While it may be harder to spread ointment, once in place, it’s more stable and less likely to wipe off. You can also help keep it on by covering the skin.

Beeswax & Kakadu Plum

On top of its caprylic/capric triglyceride and cocoa butter base, In Awe contains natural purified beeswax, which has a lubricating and softening effect on skin, thanks to the sterols it contains. Beeswax also boasts antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our ointments also feature Kakadu plum extract. Kakadu plum is an antioxidant-packed Australian superfruit with 100 times the vitamin C content of an orange, meaning it can help protect, soothe and restore the elasticity of the skin.

In Awe’s products are 100% Australian made and are ethically sourced and harvested.

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