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HeartKids & InAwe


Natural Australian skincare brand In Awe Australia is proud to reveal a new charitable partnership with HeartKids, Australia’s only not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and advocating for families impacted by childhood-onset heart disease.

HeartKids has also channelled more than $4 million into research to date.

With a common focus on health and supporting families, In Awe Australia will be donating 50 cents from each purchase of our skincare products to help HeartKids continue its critical mission.

A Meaningful
Long Term Partnership

In Awe Australia co-founder and marketing executive Michael Bosic said the partnership was a natural next step for the two organisations.

"I was introduced to HeartKids through Matt Tognini. Through this connection, I met CEO Marcus Sandmann several years ago. Since then, I have developed a strong business relationship with him and HeartKids through various fund-raising projects, which has supported a successful charitable partnership between HeartKids and one of my agency’s clients," said Michael.

"I’m also passionate about personally donating to this cause, as childhood-onset heart disease has touched a number of families I know, so the extension of this relationship to involve In Awe Australia was important and inevitable."

About HeartKids

In More than 80,000 Australian children, teens and adults live with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD).

As Australia’s only not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting families impacted by CoHD, HeartKids plays a key role at every stage of a child’s journey.

Delivering much-needed services, information, resources and solutions – as well as channelling funds into researching CoHD – charitable partners like In Awe help ensure HeartKids can continue its critical mission.

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