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Our Directors & Leadership Team

In Awe Australia has a talented and diverse team committed to enhancing and protecting the interests of key stakeholders and fulfilling a strong governance role over the Company's affairs.

Andrew Owen, Co-founder / Product Development Director at In Awe

Andrew Owen

Co-founder / Product Development Director

Andrew is the co-founder and product development lead at In Awe Skincare Australia, has emerged as a passionate advocate for natural skincare solutions with uniquely Australian characteristics.

Inspired by personal experiences and driven by a desire to provide better options for those struggling with eczema, Andrew embarked on a journey to create high-quality, natural formulations that deliver exceptional results.

Having witnessed the frustration and disappointment caused by existing products on the market, Andrew recognized the need for a different approach. In 2016, the vision for 3 Kids Cosmetics was born, with a focus on developing natural formulations that would address the needs of young children with eczema. The positive consumer feedback received upon its launch confirmed the efficacy and desirability of their natural products.

In 2018, Andrew introduced his good friend Michael to the transformative properties of Kakadu Plum Skin Ointment, and Michael quickly became a firm believer in its benefits. Their shared vision and enthusiasm for a premium Australian Made Skincare business, highlighting the unique characteristics of Australian ingredients, led them to join forces and embark on the next phase of their journey.

With further refinement of their unique formulations and a rebranding of the business, 3 Kids Cosmetics evolved into In Awe Skincare Australia. This rebranding reflects their commitment to providing exceptional skincare products that capture the essence of Australia’s natural beauty and harness the power of its native ingredients.

Together, Andrew and Michael have set their sights on growth, with over 10 additional products already in various stages of development. Their combined expertise and dedication to quality execution ensure that In Awe Skincare Australia will continue to deliver innovative and effective skincare solutions.


Andrew’s background in Engineering Design, with over 25 years of experience in the LNG industry across multiple countries, has instilled in him a passion for unique design solutions and a commitment to excellence. These qualities have been instrumental in bringing the original vision of 3 Kids Cosmetics to fruition with the new brand name –  In Awe Skincare Australia.

As In Awe Skincare Australia expands its product line and continues to prioritize the use of natural and Australian-made ingredients, Andrew Owen’s expertise and unwavering dedication to quality will drive the brand’s success.

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Michael Bosic, Co-founder / Marketing Director at In Awe

Michael Bosic

Co-founder / Marketing Director

Michael Bosic, co-founder and marketing director at In Awe Skincare Australia, has played a pivotal role in the brand's success by leveraging his expertise in marketing and digital strategies.

Inspired by the transformative effects of Kakadu Plum Skin Ointment on his own children’s eczema, Michael eagerly embraced the opportunity to become a co-founder and contribute his marketing skills to the brand.

In 2018, Michael’s good friend Andrew Owen introduced him to an early sample of Kakadu Plum Skin Ointment. Witnessing the immediate relief it provided for his children’s mild eczema, Michael recognized the product’s potential and wholeheartedly embraced his role as co-founder and marketing director for the brand.

In 2022, Michael led the rebranding efforts of the company, transitioning it from 3Kids Cosmetics to In Awe Skincare Australia. With a keen focus on new packaging, innovative marketing strategies, and a fresh online presence, Michael successfully realigned the brand’s image to reflect its mission of helping individuals one tube of ointment at a time.

During the rebranding process, Michael’s partner Nicol played a crucial role in coming up with the name In Awe. Recognizing the power of the name, Michael embraced it wholeheartedly, knowing it perfectly encapsulated the essence of the brand and its commitment to delivering exceptional skincare solutions.


Drawing on his extensive experience as the managing director of Stormbox, a leading digital marketing agency in Perth, Michael brought valuable media, brand management, and digital marketing skills to In Awe Skincare Australia. Over the past 28 years, Michael has worked with clients across various industries, developing and implementing successful strategies in e-commerce and digital marketing. He has created, operated, and marketed thriving online retail and B2B businesses, showcasing his deep understanding of brand management and the digital landscape.

In addition to his role at In Awe Skincare Australia, Michael has managed several prominent brands and organizations, including the RFDS (WA), Heart Foundation WA, City of Melville, Colli Timber & Hardware, National Lifestyle Villages (NLV), Providence Lifestyle Resorts, Parrys Carpets, and the Southwest Aboriginal Land & Sea Council. His diverse experience and expertise have allowed him to oversee projects from initial briefs to final implementation, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Michael’s leadership extends to the talented team at Stormbox, which comprises skilled web developers, designers, creatives and digital personnel. Their collective focus on website usability, online sales processes, loyalty programs, and back-end customer service systems has been instrumental in driving the success of In Awe Skincare Australia.

Together with co-founder Andrew Owen, Michael has worked closely with product researchers, chemists, suppliers, staff, and stockists to propel In Awe Skincare Australia to its current position. Their shared commitment to helping individuals through high-quality skincare products has cemented the brand’s reputation and fostered its ongoing growth – help individuals one tube of ointment at a time.

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Dr Zeke Pervan, Clinical Nutrition Officer at In Awe

Dr Zeke Pervan

MBBS(WA) FRACGP, FAICD, Grad.Dip.Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition Officer

We are thrilled to have Dr. Zeke Pervan as a valued member of the In Awe Australia Advisory Team. His breadth of knowledge, dedication to patient care, and commitment to holistic health align perfectly with our mission to provide natural and effective skincare solutions. Dr. Pervan's expertise will greatly contribute to our ongoing efforts in developing innovative products backed by scientific research.

In Awe Australia warmly welcomes Dr. Zeke Pervan and we look forward to his valuable contributions in advancing our mission to promote optimal health and well-being.


Dr. Zeke Pervan’s remarkable career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to healthcare, research, and corporate governance. His vast experience, comprehensive knowledge, and dedication to excellence have made him a highly respected and influential figure in the medical field and beyond.

Throughout his career, Dr. Pervan has made significant contributions to the medical field. He obtained his MBBS from UWA and later completed the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). Additionally, he holds a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from The Academy of Clinical Nutrition, further enhancing his expertise in this area.

Dr. Pervan’s professional journey spans several decades, during which he served as a solo General Practitioner in Midland, WA, for over 35 years. His dedication to patient care extended beyond his private practice, as he also served as a Local Medical Officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs in WA.

With a strong background in Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Pervan has extensive experience in addressing the impact of environmental pollutants on human health. He has conducted studies on the effects of industrial pollution, including the implications of organophosphates, organochlorines, and PCBs. His commitment to promoting a healthier environment led him to advocate for proper containment and disposal of harmful chemicals.

Dr. Pervan’s passion for advancing medical knowledge extends to his research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Over-Training Syndrome. He has treated and studied over 20,000 patients and conducted trials to investigate the impact of nutrient deficiencies on these conditions. His work on Glutamine and its relation to CFS has been instrumental in expanding our understanding of these complex disorders.

As a seasoned medical professional, Dr. Pervan has held various positions in the medical community, including serving as a Cremations Referee for the Department of Health WA. His role involved evaluating medical reports and death certificates to ensure the appropriate authorization of cremation permits.

Dr. Pervan’s extensive experience also includes serving on multiple boards, both within and outside the medical field. He has held positions as a Company Director for non-ASX boards in biotech, agriculture, mining, and industrial technology. His expertise in corporate governance is further evident through his involvement with The Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Jenny Owen, Clinical Nutrition Advisor at In Awe

Jenny Owen


Clinical Nutrition Advisor

Nicol Owen, Business Manager at In Awe

Nicol Owen

Business Manager

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