When searching for a chemical-free solution to soothe their son’s inflamed and irritated skin, Perth parents Andrew and Jenny turned to a West Australian-based cosmeceutical company with a laser-like focus on creating skincare products using natural Australian ingredients.

This expert team then turned to an Australian plant – and food – which Aboriginal people have known for thousands of years to have powerful medicinal properties.

Officially termed terminalia ferdinandiana, and more widely called the Kakadu Plum, it’s also often dubbed the billy goat plum, green plum, salty plum, malak malak and elu, to name a few.


A deciduous small tree, it produces fleshy fruit between March and June (that turns yellow-green when mature) and is native to Australia’s Northern Territory, but can also be found in Western Australia’s far north.

While Australia’s Indigenous populations were aware of the health benefits of the Kakadu Plum, science has now begun explaining exactly why it’s such a potent healer.

Studies show it’s the world’s richest natural source of vitamin C – with levels up to 100 times greater than an orange – has antioxidant properties five times greater than a blueberry, and is full of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

Kakadu Plum fruit

It’s packed with the same amount of folate (vitamin B9) as broccoli, is rich in calcium and magnesium, and also boasts stores of essential nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, iron and leutin.

With all that inside it, it’s not hard to see how the Kakadu Plum has gone from a little-known traditional medicine helping deal with colds and headaches to earning an international reputation as a ‘superfruit’ and supporting people living with dry skin, inflamed/irritated skin and minor burns.

By harnessing the power of Australia’s own superfruit – and combining it with natural beeswax (rich in vitamin A and known to improve wound healing) to create a protective but breathable layer on the skin – Andrew and Jenny, together with the leading cosmeceutical manufacturer they engaged, were able to bring their dream to fruition and create a natural ointment that did not cause pain when applied on their son’s inflamed and irritated skin.

Kakadu Plum fruit collection

More importantly, thanks to the Kakadu Plum’s anti-inflammatory properties, In Awe’s ointment also soothed and hydrated his skin, and relieved the irritating itching his condition causes. Check out our other blog on “Why Kakadu Plum is Superior to Pawpaw”.

Thrilled with the life-changing impact the formulation had on its family (they were literally ‘in awe’ of the positive effect it had!), Andrew and Jenny set out to ensure more people could benefit from the natural skin nourishing, healing and antiseptic properties of the Kakadu Plum – even babies.

In Awe products are :

  • Petroleum / Petrochemical free
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free

They’re all 100% Australian made and our Kakadu Plum and beeswax are ethically sourced and harvested.

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