The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and has many roles.

From helping us feel to preventing water loss, supporting the creation of vitamin D, keeping our body temperature regulated and acting as shield to protect us from injury, bacteria, chemicals, heat and light, it’s one important organ!

Skin is made up of water, protein, fats and minerals and is home to collagen – a protein that helps our skin cells stay strong – elastin, which keeps skin flexible, and oil glands, to help skin stay soft and smooth.

There are also cells in the skin that help fight off germs and infections, making it part of our body’s immune system.

Helping our skin stay healthy is clearly critical and so we need to think carefully about what we do to it.

Embracing skincare that focuses on natural ingredients is one way we can help take care of this crucial organ.

Harness the power of nature

As our skin is essential for health, using the healing properties of naturally occurring ingredients is a great way to care for it.

For example, vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant – plays an integral role in skin growth and repair and nature ensures it’s packed into a variety of foods.

We harness the power of the Kakadu Plum superfruit at In Awe as it’s been shown to have the highest recorded natural amount of vitamin C of any food in the world. Check out our other blog to “Learn more about the Kakadu Plum”.

Reduce your toxic load

Our skin is prone to damage from chemicals, UV rays and processed foods and this can lead to skin sensitivity, inflammation and aging.

It makes sense, then, that reducing our exposure to toxins and pollutants can help keep our skin in good shape. Using natural skincare products, with fewer or no nasty chemicals, is one way to decrease exposure.

Parabens are preservatives used in many skincare products that research has suggested could be harmful to human health. Research shows “the use of personal care products (pharmaceuticals and cosmetics) is the main pathway for the exposure to parabens”, meaning choosing those free from parabens is a sound choice.

Many skincare products also contain petrochemicals, which are derived from petroleum. Some petroleum products can contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).  Exposure to these may be associated with health concerns, including skin irritation and allergies, according to some studies. While highly refined petrolatum is free from such contamination, many people now choose petrochemical-free skincare for peace of mind.

Animal cruelty free

Many natural skincare and cosmetics brands, like In Awe, do not test on animals.

There are, however, brands that still do undertake testing on cats, dogs and rabbits.

Allergic reactions

While allergic reactions can sometimes be triggered by natural ingredients, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration says the most common allergens in cosmetic products come from preservatives, dyes, fragrances, metals and natural rubber. The FDA states these allergic reactions often show up as contact dermatitis ie. itchy, red rashes on the skin.

Itchy Skin Relief with InAwe Kakadu Plum

Avoiding skincare products containing these ingredients may reduce the chances of an allergic reaction and, if you’re already living with uncomfortable skin issues, it pays to seek out a more natural option.

Environmental benefits

Toxic chemicals in non-natural skincare can end up polluting the environment if they end up in the water supply or leaching into soil. This can impact animals and insects, as well as potentially contaminate the food supply.

Non-natural skincare also often impacts the environment because it involves mining to extract key ingredients (or uses ingredients that are a by-product of mining), which produces greenhouse gases and creates pollution.

Nature being nurtured, Kakadu Plum Plant

In Awe skin ointments harness the power of Kakadu Plum and beeswax to help nourish the skin, create a protective barrier, and soothe irritation, making them ideal for inflamed and irritated skin, minor burns, dry skin, insect bites and more.

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