Dry, cracked lips can spring up at any time, but cold weather and sun damage are two key causes.

So, what can you do if your lips aren’t quite in tip top shape?

#1 Up your water intake If your lips are chapped, chances are you’re not as hydrated as you should be, so it’s a great idea to boost the amount of water you’re drinking as a starting point.

#2 Don’t irritate your lips

Frequent licking, biting or picking at the skin can make dry lips worse and get in the way of them repairing.

It’s best to, at all times, avoid products – such as lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm – that irritate your lips. That means, if it causes your lips to tingle, sting or burn, that’s your body’s way of indicating the product doesn’t suit it, not that it’s doing its job.

In Awe Helping dry and cracked lips

Acidic foods and drinks can also irritate lips, as can heaters and, sometimes, lip issues can be sparked by medications.

#3 Use a lip moisturiser like In Awe’s ointment

A great way to prevent your lips chapping in dry or hot weather is to proactively use a natural lip moisturiser that boosts hydration and is gentle. Ointments that form a protective barrier help keep moisture in the skin.

Once lips are dry or cracked, a lip moisturiser is a must to combat irritation and assist with healing.

It’s also best to avoid fragranced moisturisers, and those with preservatives.

In Awe’s Australian-made skin ointment is packed full of the Kakadu Plum superfruit and made with beeswax, is perfect for soothing chapped lips.

In Awe helps healthy lips

Kakadu Plums are the world’s richest source of natural vitamin C, have anti-inflammatory properties and contain vitamin E while beeswax has antiseptic properties, helps relieve inflammation and contains vitamin A, which improve wound healing.

In Awe’s Australian Made 100% natural formulation of Kakadu Plum & Beeswax Skin Ointment is ideal for dry & irritated skin, nappy rash, tattoo aftercare, cracked heels, dry lips, insect bites, after sun, minor burns and more.

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